Diesel Turbochargers in Oklahoma City, OK

Diesel TurbochargersDriven by the engine exhaust gases, diesel turbochargers produce extra power by way of forced induction. Thompson Diesel Inc. is a proud dealer of all the major turbocharger manufacturers, including BorgWarner, Garrett, Holset and others. Whether you are in need of a turbo for an agricultural, automotive or industrial application, we will have an array of options for you to choose from.

With the latest and most effective equipment, along with four decades of experience and expertise, we at Thompson Diesel Inc. are ready to assist you in the entire process of making calculations, selecting and installing a turbocharger that will work best for your engine and budget. We also specialize in the rebuilding of turbochargers. Contact us if you’re in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Yukon, Bethany, or Midwest City, OK today.

Diesel Turbocharger Manufacturers 

Alliant Power

Alliant Power provides diesel turbochargers for a number of different vehicle manufacturers including Dodge, GM, and Ford. This manufacturer is well known for providing turbochargers for vehicles across North America – and with their diesel-forward approach, you can be sure to get the products and support you can depend on.


Ambac Diesel offers a wide array of diesel parts, including fuel systems, fuel injection equipment, and more. It can ensure that your turbocharger is equipped with high-quality parts that are designed for the heavy-duty trucking industry.


BorgWarner is well known for being specialists in advanced turbocharger technology – and they have an expansive selection of turbochargers for you to choose from. With facilities across the globe, you can depend on them to help you find the turbocharged system that works best for your vehicle – whether it is a passenger or a commercial one.


Bosch has a large line of engine management components that includes not only diesel turbochargers but also injectors, fuel pumps, and oil pumps. This ensures that you have access to high-quality parts that will help you to achieve premium performance within your vehicle. You’ll be able to find parts for Ford, Dodge, GM, and Navistar vehicle models.


Delphi is an extensive aftermarket supplier that helps customers to expand upon EO specification products. Delphi works with leading vehicle manufacturers to offer solutions that offer more power and more fuel efficiency. Components that you can expect to find from Delphi include pumps, filters, fuel injectors, as well as EGR valves.


Denso is a well-known provider on the diesel market. They are responsible for not only manufacturing but also assembling, remanufacturing, and distributing components that can be used in vehicles and industrial applications. You will be able to find fuel pumps and injection pumps for your turbocharger.


DTech stands out because all of its products are remanufactured in the U.S. and come with a 12-month unlimited mileage limited warranty. It can provide you with added confidence as you buy from the brand to ensure that your diesel turbocharger has the parts and support that it needs. Further, DTech is one of the diesel turbocharger manufacturers that you can rely on for such vehicles as Dodge, Ford, GM, and Sprinter.


Garrett is considered one of the top turbo-charging manufacturers in the industry because of its unique quality tests. These tests provide a higher level of safety and reliability for OE applications. The on-engine turbo tests actually lead to engines dying before the turbocharger – and that’s the kind of quality that you can rely on.

Garrett Diesel turbos are available for industrial diesel engines, light-duty trucks, and agricultural equipment.


Holset turbocharger models are available for a large number of Dodge Ram trucks, with model years ranging from 1998 to 2006. There are several different diesel turbochargers available, all of which have been designed by engineers and tested to ensure that you get optimized performance out of them. You’ll come to expect a higher boost capacity and a high-speed balanced rotor system from these turbochargers. Additionally, you can count on us at Thompson Diesel Inc. for all of the performance upgrades that will be needed for the addition of your Holset turbocharger.


ProDiesel is a huge supplier within the diesel engine market. You can find the replacement fuel system that you need in order to coincide with your diesel turbocharger. The selection of remanufactured pumps and fuel injectors can save you money and offer you a high quality. The products are available for such brands as John Deere, Mack, Ford/Navistar, GM, and Volvo.


Stanadyne is a diesel fuel additive that is an important component when you’re working with diesel turbochargers. You need to make sure that your fuel is strong enough to handle the overall performance that you get from a turbocharger – and Stanadyne offers a few different solutions based on the kind of engine that you have. In addition to fuel additives, you’ll also be able to rely on the brand for diesel fuel filters and water separators as part of a unique filtration system.


Yanmar is a diesel engine manufacturer for a number of applications including marine, agricultural, and industrial. Knowing that you want a turbocharger allows you to find the engine that is capable of holding up to the turbocharger of your choosing. The manufacturer is well known for providing a high-quality engine – and their two-stage turbocharging system is an impressive piece of machinery, complete with low fuel consumption.