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When it comes to making sure your vehicle has the power you need, turbochargers are an essential part. Turbochargers provide a little extra power through forced induction, which helps give your engine the boost it needs to get the job done. At our Oklahoma City, OK location, we can help you fix up your old turbocharger to get it running like new again. We deal with all the major manufacturers such as Garrett, Holset, BorgWarner and more. We’ve got four decades of experience with turbochargers. Whether you need a new turbocharger or want yours rebuilt, Oklahoma City Thompson Turbo can help.

Turbocharger Repairs

Finding reliable places that repair turbochargers can be difficult. If you’ve got a problem with your turbocharger, you can bring it into Thompson Diesel Inc., and we’ll take a look at it. While there are some turbocharger problems that simply can’t be fixed or repaired, our turbocharger repair experts can get you back on the road without a new turbocharger more often than not.

Turbocharger problems are often a result of poor maintenance. Like other parts of a vehicle, turbochargers need a steady supply of clean oil to remain properly lubricated. If you don’t change your oil often enough, that dirty oil can cause poor lubrication and lead to turbocharger problems.

Sometimes turbochargers just fail because they’re old. Engine parts don’t last forever, and your turbocharger will wear down over time. The rate at which your turbocharger wears down and fails depends on how well you take care of it, which is why it’s important to have your turbocharger inspected regularly. The sooner you catch a problem and bring it to Thompson Diesel Inc. for repairs, the less money you’ll have to spend and the longer your diesel turbocharger will last.

No matter what kind of turbocharger repairs you need, we can help you get the job done. Not only do we have four decades of experience, but we also work with top manufacturers, including BorgWarner, Garrett, Holset, and more. If you’re looking for a team of experts who can help you take care of your turbocharged engine, Thompson Diesel Inc. is the answer.

Turbocharger Rebuilds

While the folks atĀ Oklahoma City Thompson Turbo know how to repair a turbocharger, we can’t always fix a failed turbocharger. Sometimes a turbocharger is failed beyond repair, at which point we may recommend a new or factory remanufactured turbo replacement. We stock an extensive line of turbos for light and heavy duty trucks. We also stock an array of turbos for agriculture and automotive applications. Thompson Turbo also carries one of the largest inventories of Cummins, Caterpillar, and Waukesha natural gas turbos and wastegates in the country. Some common applications we offer are for caterpillar G3306 through G3516. We stock an array of Waukesha such as 7042GL, GSI, and 7044GSI to name a few. Give one of our experts a call if you have any natural gas compression turbocharger needs!

Holset variable geometry turbochargers

Most newer truck engines such as Cummins, Volvo, Mack, Detroit, etc. come equipped with a Holset VGT turbocharger. These turbos have electronic actuators and are very expensive to replace. We are proud to be the only Holset distributor in Oklahoma. We have the Holset E-tool that allows us to check and troubleshoot these turbos and actuators. When necessary, we offer replacement actuators or rebuild service using genuine holset parts. This service can save you thousands of dollars. Give our experts a call so we can get you back on the road at a great value.

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Do you have a turbocharger that’s giving you trouble? We have four decades of experience with turbochargers, and we offer both rebuilds and replacements. Since we work with big-name manufacturers, you can count on us to find the right parts to rebuild or replace your turbocharger. If you’ve got a problem with your turbocharger and need diesel engine repairs in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Yukon, Bethany, or Midwest City, OK, visit or contact us today at (405)943-8536.

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