Diesel Fuel Systems in Oklahoma City, OK

Your diesel engine needs to be maintained properly so that it can deliver performance that you can rely on. It’s important to choose professionals who understand diesel fuel systems – and who can offer the products and services that you can depend on.

At Thompson Diesel Inc., we specialize in diesel fuel systems – and offer comprehensive services throughout Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Our fuel systems are designed for a number of different vehicles. We can support turbos and injectors for your diesel engine repairs. Additionally, we can provide the fuel system parts for light-duty trucks, farm equipment, and more. We routinely provide turbo truck reports for Dodge, Ford, and Duramax and also work with CAT and Waukesha engines.

Our staff is well-trained and equipped to help you with anything having to do with a turbocharger and/or a diesel engine. Even if you plan to DIY some of the work, we can provide you with the troubleshooting as well as help you to find the most affordable parts.

Technology is ever-changing when it comes to fuel systems, and we make it our business to stay up on all of the latest information. It ensures that you get the relevant help that you need regardless of whether your diesel engine is 20 years old or brand new. 

Fuel Injection Pumps

Fuel injection pumps are of the utmost importance as they are critical to the overall performance of your diesel engine. It delivers the fuel at the necessary times so that your engine runs properly. The pump will control how much fuel, too, so you can get the power when and where you need it.
fuel injector

Damage to your fuel injection pump will have a negative impact on everything having to do with your engine. It won’t run smoothly – and if your engine isn’t getting the fuel that it needs, it’s going to start breaking down. You don’t want to replace more parts than what is absolutely necessary.

Warning signs that your pump is going include loss of power, reduced fuel efficiency, loud noises, and hearing the engine spitting and sputtering.

The moment you realize that your fuel pump is broken, you will want to get it diagnosed. Do you need it serviced or replaced entirely? At Thompson Diesel Inc., we can help you to make that determination based on the age of the pump and what damage it has sustained.

Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors play a vital role in your diesel fuel system as it is what helps to get the fuel injected into the manifold. One of the ways in which you focus on performance is by seeking the perfect combination of air and fuel. With too much or too little fuel, your performance will not be what you want it to be. This is why you need a fully functional fuel injector.

Not all fuel injectors are created equally. Especially if you have made upgrades to your engine, such as by placing a turbocharger on it, you may want to consider upgrading your fuel injector.

We can help you make sure that you have a top-quality part. We carry brands such as Bosch, Alliant Power, and Delphi. We also have various refurbished parts that can help to save you money.

Regardless of the diesel fuel injector you want to find, we have the ability to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s stock or aftermarket.

Especially if you’re experiencing heavily clogged emissions, misfiring in the engine, or trouble starting, it’s a good sign that you need to explore a new fuel injector. The moment you notice problems, let us help you find the part that you need.

Fuel Treatments
fuel injector

The fuel you equip your diesel engine with matters. The moment the fuel becomes contaminated, you can have big problems – and they will most certainly impact performance. Additionally, if there’s an issue with any aspect of your fuel system, it can cause you to use more fuel or even affect the longevity of your engine.

Various fuel treatments are available so that you can address specific problems.

A diesel fuel additive can be used to help clean your fuel injector, protect your engine during the winter months, and even lubricate the moving parts of your engine.

There are a few signs to look for to determine if you need a fuel treatment for your diesel engine. You may see reduced fuel economy, rough idling, or even fuel smells around the vehicle.

At Thompson Diesel Inc., we have a large variety of fuel treatments for you to choose from. Our professionals can talk to you about some of the options, including a specific Stanadyne Performance Formula additive.

If a fuel treatment doesn’t work, we can also help you replace a specific part within your diesel fuel system. It can provide you improve the overall workings of the system so that your engine runs smoothly.

Having the right product for your diesel engine makes all the difference when it comes to functionality, reliability and sustainability, which is why Thompson Diesel Inc. provides you with an encompassing range of products and fuel treatments that are designed to meet the needs of your diesel vehicle.

Fuel Injection Pumps

Fuel Injectors

Fuel Treatments

Performance Products


We are also pleased to be a distributor for Garrett, BorgWarner, and Holset turbochargers. These manufacturers supply the major engine manufacturers with OE turbos for new engines. As a result, the focus of our work is to remanufacture turbochargers to original factory specifications.

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