Diesel Fuel Pump Repair & Replacement in Oklahoma City, OK

A diesel engine’s cylinders are injected with fuel using an injection pump system. The injection pump that is most suited to your vehicle is determined by its specific requirements. If fuel flow and pressure are insufficient, performance and emissions will suffer.

When troubleshooting an injection pump, Thompson Diesel Inc.‘s five decades of experience with diesel fuel pump replacements can assist. Additionally, we will examine and service your injection pump if needed. Contact us for more information!

One of our most popular services is our ability to rebuild diesel fuel injection pumps. Offering our customers the opportunity to rebuild an older unit can save money and downtime. All that matters to us is that our customers are satisfied and have an excellent product that exceeds their expectations and delivers when needed. This is possible with our diesel fuel pump repair and rebuild services in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Yukon, Bethany, and Midwest City, OK!

Fuel Injection Pump Repairs

Because a diesel engine injection pump is a system used to pump or supply energy to the cylinder heads, sometimes issues may arise. Before assuming your injection pump is the key problem, check these common issues:

Filter Clogs: If the diesel injection pump cannot get the fuel required to operate the engine, the issue is most likely with the fuel filter. Clean and replace the fuel filter on a regular basis.

Injector Clogs: Over time, silt accumulation in the nozzles of diesel injectors leads to their clogging. Conduct an injector overhaul every 100,000 to 150,000 miles or as needed to restore proper diesel injection pump functioning.

Air in Fuel Lines: The engine will either start or stall due to air entering the fuel lines of a diesel injection pump.

We can repair or rebuild the components of your tractor, truck, or piece of equipment. Our extensive experience with diesel fuel pump repairs and factory authorized technicians allow us to address any of your fuel injection pump problems and offer you a cost effective solution. We also repair and rebuild turbochargers, fuel injection pumps, and fuel injectors.We restore and rebuild the component to its factory spec using our proper rebuild procedures.

We at Thompson Diesel Inc. are committed to meeting your specific needs. Our repair and fuel injection pump rebuild services will inspect the component you provide, perform any required maintenance, and resolve any issues.

Diesel Fuel Pump Replacements & Fuel Injection Pump Rebuilds

We can check your defective injection pump, and repair or replace any damaged components before reassembling it.

All gaskets and seals will be replaced with genuine OEM components, and the pump will be properly calibrated to OE specs on one of our many test stands.

Our test benches have been rigorously tested and certified to meet or exceed all applicable manufacturing criteria.

Diesel Fuel Pump RepairBring in your old, worn-out injectors for a thorough overhaul to restore them to their factory settings. We test all the injectors we plan to rebuild before disassembly. In this way, we can evaluate the degree of inside wear and determine what needs to be modified to return your injectors to OE specs. Before doing any diesel engine repairs for diesel fuel pump replacements, we will generate an expedited estimate for the service.

Your mechanical injectors are rebuilt and tested to factory standards to guarantee proper atomization, spray pattern, nozzle leakage, and opening pressure.

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