Delphi Autoparts in Oklahoma City, OK

Delphi Aftermarket

At Delphi, they work closely with the worlds leading vehicle manufacturers to help them meet the challenges of increasingly stringent emissions legislation, as well as consumer demands for more powerful and more fuel-efficient vehicles. By helping design the systems at the outset, Delphi fully understands all of the complexities, and can offer our aftermarket customers access to a comprehensive range of OE specification product, sophisticated diagnostic tooling and equipment, and the very best training and support. To learn more, click on any of the links to the right, or contact us at Thompson Diesel Inc. for more information on our Delphi, Denso, and DTech parts.

Delphi Aftermarket Products:


  • Common Rail Injection Pumps
  • Diesel+® Fuel Treatment
  • EGR Valves
  • Electronic Unit Pumps for Electronic & Mechanical Injectors
  • Fuel Filters
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Glow Plug Relay Controllers
  • Injection Pumps
  • Oil Pumps
  • Rotary and Inline Mechanical Fuel Injection Pumps