Testing for a Malfunctioning Diesel Fuel Injector

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If you’re realizing a poor performing diesel engine that used to run a lot better, especially at low speeds and idle, then what’s likely going on involves plugged up or gummy fuel injectors. While these parts and assemblies have revolutionized how engines work, as well as made them far more fuel efficient, fuel injectors are also prone to needing manual maintenance after a while. That’s because the microscopic channels that make their function work so well tend to get gunked up with residue and carbon over time. When that happens, the mist that travels through the injector to the combustion... View Article

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How to Rebuild a Fuel Injector

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There was a time when all vehicle motors ran on a carburetor system, which combined fuel and air in a specific formula and then sent that mixture through tiny jet nozzles into the engine. If more fuel and performance were needed, the jet nozzles were a larger diameter and the opposite for more fuel efficiency and less power. Those days are long gone as almost every modern vehicle engine today utilizes what is known as fuel injection. What is a Fuel Injector? Diesel fuel injectors pressurize fuel, aerosolize it, and then send that pressured mist into the combustion chamber of... View Article

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How Long Do Fuel Injectors Last?

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Given the size and function of fuel injectors in modern vehicle engines, it is pretty amazing that these pieces of fuel delivery equipment don’t have more frequent issues than they do. However, depending on the car and engine type, as well as how it is used, fuel injectors do eventually need maintenance on a periodic basis. Without that, at some point the injectors will start to clog, and that will impact their ability to deliver the right amount of fuel to the engine as needed. The driver will realize this with poor performance while driving as well as the engine... View Article

How to Improve Diesel Engine Performance?

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Whether you drive a tractor, a truck, or any other vehicle with a diesel engine, the performance of the engine should be a top concern. When your engine performs at peak levels, it can save you fuel, reduce the repairs that need to be performed, and minimize the likelihood of the engine failing on you. How to improve diesel engine performance can vary based on how hard you run the engine every day and how much you want to invest in premium aftermarket parts. There are a few tips to help you. Use Fuel Additives A variety of fuel additives... View Article

How to Test Fuel Injectors

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If your engine is not running as smoothly as it should and is idling roughly, if your truck won’t start or stalls out when attempting to start, or if you’re getting fewer miles per gallon, you may have a problem with the fuel injectors in your truck. The fuel injector plays an important role in your engine. They help to ensure that the right amount of fuel is injected into the cylinder. When the fuel combines with air, it creates a fuel-air mixture that powers the engine. When the fuel injectors are going bad or are already bad, you may... View Article