Function of Turbocharger in Diesel Engine?

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  In the past, diesel was known for its hefty weight and sluggishness. If turbocharged, diesel engines may compete with gasoline engines of the same displacement. The difference between a turbocharged diesel engine and a regular, ordinarily aspirated gasoline engine is the compressed air entering the diesel engine before fuel injection. At this point, turbochargers play a significant role in diesel engine power and efficiency. This is how a  The turbocharger compresses the air that enters the cylinders of the engine. As air is compressed, oxygen molecules become more tightly packed together. A naturally aspirated engine with the same displacement... View Article

Do Diesel Engines Last Longer?

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  When compared to gasoline engines, diesel has a well-deserved reputation for delivering better fuel efficiency. On the other hand, gasoline engines are believed to be more ecologically friendly. According to industry experts, diesel cars are expected to be phased out in the UK in the near future. People are pushing the government to give air pollution reductions a greater priority. Diesel engines are an incredible feat of engineering. Mechanically, they are among the most reliable and long-lasting devices ever. As a consequence, they are used by some of the world’s largest and most inventive vehicles. What are the advantages... View Article

How Does a Diesel Engine Start?

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Diesel engines are extremely complex. When you start the vehicle, there are various processes that must take place for the diesel engine to start. How does a diesel engine start? Understanding the process can help you to troubleshoot problems and know when it’s time to look for a particular part or service. What is a Diesel Engine? First, it’s important to know that how a diesel engine starts is different from a standard spark-plug ignition. It is an internal combustion engine that ignites the fuel through mechanical compression. As such, it is also known as a compression-ignition (CI) engine. A... View Article