Cummins Injector

How to Rebuild a Cummins Injector

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Like other diesel engines, Cummins motors today and for a number of years already rely on fuel injectors for delivery of fuel and air to the combustion chamber inside the engine. Built to be durable and handle the industrial load of a commercial hauling engine like Cummins diesel motors, these fuel injectors last for a significant lifetime over regular vehicle fuel injectors. However, even industrial grade equipment needs maintenance and eventual replacement. What is a Cummins Injector? Similar to fuel injectors for other automotive engines, a Cummins injector provides fuel injection mixing specific to a Cummins diesel engine. The assembly... View Article

Fuel Injector

How to Rebuild a Fuel Injector

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There was a time when all vehicle motors ran on a carburetor system, which combined fuel and air in a specific formula and then sent that mixture through tiny jet nozzles into the engine. If more fuel and performance were needed, the jet nozzles were a larger diameter and the opposite for more fuel efficiency and less power. Those days are long gone as almost every modern vehicle engine today utilizes what is known as fuel injection. What is a Fuel Injector? Diesel fuel injectors pressurize fuel, aerosolize it, and then send that pressured mist into the combustion chamber of... View Article