How to Improve Diesel Engine Performance?

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Whether you drive a tractor, a truck, or any other vehicle with a diesel engine, the performance of the engine should be a top concern. When your engine performs at peak levels, it can save you fuel, reduce the repairs that need to be performed, and minimize the likelihood of the engine failing on you.

How to improve diesel engine performance can vary based on how hard you run the engine every day and how much you want to invest in premium aftermarket parts.

There are a few tips to help you.

Use Fuel Additives

A variety of fuel additives can be used to help clean up the diesel fuel that you are putting into your vehicle. With the right additive, it can help to lubricate and clean engine components as it cycles through.

At Thompson Diesel, we recommend Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives. There are several for you to choose from based on the problem you want to address. A performance formula can help to improve fuel efficiency and boost your horsepower. An Injector Cleaner will eliminate deposits and address common injector problems.

The Lubricity Formula will help to reduce fuel system wear and remove water. The Winter 1000 will also prevent issues when the temperature gets too cold so that you don’t experience gelling, ice, or anything else.

Use a Diesel Tuner

A diesel tuner, also known as a programmer, is a small electronic device that helps you to “tune” your engine to meet your specific needs. Based on how you drive your vehicle, where you drive it, and even the kind of weight you might be hauling, there are specific adjustments that should be made. Tuners offer an affordable solution so that you can customize your engine’s performance, allowing you to improve fuel economy and feel the difference as you drive.

Install Performance Air Filters

It’s important to boost the air intake on your diesel-powered engine. This starts by choosing performance air filters. It can keep the air cleaner that enters the engine so that there aren’t any contaminants that can clog key components.

While you are installing new air filters, you should also consider upgrading the air intake kit. This will help to pull more air into the engine compartment.

Use Aftermarket DPF, DEF, and EGR Delete Kits

You can make a few adjustments to the way in which your onboard computer handles various details of the combustion and overall performance. You will want to consider doing some remapping – and various kits will help you to achieve the level of performance that you want.

With enough tweaks, you can make changes to the pressure, the timing, and even compression ratios.

The DPF is a Diesel Particulate Filter, the DEF is a Diesel Engine Fluid system, and the EGR is an Exhaust Gas Recirculation. The delete kits can help you to address the various functions so that you don’t have to worry about such problems as reducing performance, fuel efficiency, or even engine life.

Upgrade Key Parts

There are a few parts that you can upgrade so that your engine performs better.

The air intake is one part that you can upgrade so that more air enters the engine, creating more power. New airflow kits can also help to bring in colder air, which holds more oxygen and leads to being denser. It will help the engine to produce more power.

A new fuel injector will also help more fuel to reach the engine. This can increase the engine’s horsepower and help you to achieve better pressure for the engine start.

A new/upgraded exhaust system can also help you to get rid of larger volumes of exhaust at one time. It prevents harmful gases from lingering around your engine’s intake for too long. When your exhaust system has a bigger capacity, it can also help you to achieve more horsepower and achieve a healthier balance.

Install a Turbocharger

Installing a turbocharger can boost engine performance and speed dramatically. The turbo pushes more air into the engine while also creating a pressurized air intake. You’ll find that the increased airflow can boost your horsepower tremendously.

Schedule a Diesel Engine Tune Up

Tune-ups are a critical part of vehicle maintenance. Just as you perform oil changes and change out filters, you need to make sure you’re caring for your diesel engine.

Detect issues early on so that you can enhance engine performance and prevent costly repairs later on.

By choosing to have tune-ups performed by experienced diesel techs, you can have peace of mind that your engine is running smoothly.

Ultimately, how to improve diesel engine performance is something that you control. When you want to replace or upgrade some of the parts to your diesel fuel system, contact a company with a proven track record, such as Thompson Diesel


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