How Does a Diesel Engine Start?

February 23, 2022 5:29 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Diesel engines are extremely complex. When you start the vehicle, there are various processes that must take place for the diesel engine to start. How does a diesel engine start? Understanding the process can help you to troubleshoot problems and know when it’s time to look for a particular part or service. What is a Diesel Engine? First, it’s important to know that how a diesel engine starts is different from a standard spark-plug ignition. It is an internal combustion engine that ignites the fuel through mechanical compression. As such, it is also known as a compression-ignition (CI) engine. A... View Article

How to Improve Diesel Engine Performance?

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Whether you drive a tractor, a truck, or any other vehicle with a diesel engine, the performance of the engine should be a top concern. When your engine performs at peak levels, it can save you fuel, reduce the repairs that need to be performed, and minimize the likelihood of the engine failing on you. How to improve diesel engine performance can vary based on how hard you run the engine every day and how much you want to invest in premium aftermarket parts. There are a few tips to help you. Use Fuel Additives A variety of fuel additives... View Article